What is MOVIECUE™?

MOVIECUE™ is a member-based community dedicated to the provision of sound and music to the visual mediums such as film, television, and electronic games. Our services are to provide producers in the various visual mediums access to pre-recorded songs, instrumental compositions, bytes and cues and to the writers and composers of such product. Additionally, writers and composer are contracted to write or supply songs, and score projects based on having been located at MOVIECUE™

Additional Services:

Members have access to our CUEIN™ music registry system allowing for easy cataloguing of your music, and improved protection of your copyrights.

Members may also use our CUETRANS™ service ... allowing for accurate transcriptions and delivery of your works via a secure online connection. Your works will be delivered in the form of a fast-downloading PDF file!

Additionally, we offer the patent pending CUESEARCH™ Search Engine which both allows for genre-specific searches of music and expedites the licensing process.

Stay Tuned!